Compromise Means - You’re Not Happy

Look, we all want it our way, like Burger King, ‘Your way, Right away’ and we want that all the time but it is

just not going to happen.  More often then not you are forced into a position where you have to make

choices.  Paper or plastic; do you want fries with that; and other questions.  Whenever you have to make a

choice you are loosing out on something.  I know your thinking not always… What if my significant other

stood before me gently smiling after a long hard day and said, ‘Honey, would you like me to rub your back

or your feet?’  Sounds great but you still have to pick and thus you are loosing out on something.  Even if

they said, ‘Which one do you want me to rub first?’  You’re still missing out on something now and you’ll

have to give up something at some point to get something else later.  This is the point; it is a trade off.  

Everything is a trade.  This or that and if you pay attention as you go along you’ll find that it is more

accurately this for that.  What you would truly like to respond is, ‘Yes.  I would like both my back and my

feet rubbed and I would like them both done now, so maybe you should call some help and have them

bring me a drink while you start.’  Of course by saying this you are trading the possibility of physical

pleasure for the free expression of your true inner feelings.  In this particular situation loosing the rub down

probably will not pay for the total cost of your expression so you will likely get a debit to the back of the


The Point:

To get what you want you have to give up something.

The Lesson to Learn:

You are not going to get everything you want the way you want it every time you want it.  But that is ok

because unless you are a complete looser getting your way right away every now and again will suffice.  

As long as you feel that you are making good trades then you’ll come out ahead.

Brutal Truth:

Everything is a trade off.