The Brutal Truth
This book is not for kids.
It is intended for adults in the work force.
There is a minimal use of profanity, off color comments,
and descriptions of unpleasant situations.
I have been mindful of where and when offense might be
I have not gone out of my way to add or remove
anything for emotional effect.
It is straight forward speech.
It is the plain simple brutal truth.
The Author :  Joel Cannon Watkins
The Book
The Brutal Truth is a work experience piece.  It is a
collection of stories that are sometimes funny,
sometimes sarcastic, and always thought provoking.  
They are drawn from my real life experiences.  They
express understandings I have gained along the way.  
They are intended to give insight to those who have not
yet seen as well as share a commonality with those who
have endured similar situations.  They are straight
forward and stand on their own.
This work and all content therein is as a whole and in part the sole property of the author and no part thereof can be used without the express consent of the author.
Copyright and notice:
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The book is a collection of self contained stories which
could be individually serialized but fit together in a
cohesive lesson reinforcing manner that develops into a
single unified understanding.  This book could be
printed as is or it could be trimmed into a smaller first
volume with the remainder and additionally available
content to create a two or three volume work.
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